Can the Medical Supplement Plan Solve the Problem of Financial Tension?

The original Medicare Plan is the basic plan that covers all the basic expenses of hospital and medicine bills. But what will happen to a person who is lying on the hospital bed for more than 60 days? There is a criterion in Medicare plan where the policy becomes null if a person spends 150 days or more days in a hospital. Such long hospital stays are quite common in terminally ill patients.

The family member of that ill person will have to not only worry about the medical condition of his loved ones but also the financial aspect of the treatment. This has created a lot of financial tension and in many cases, it was reported that the family has gone broke while paying the medical bills. The Medical Supplement Plan is here to avoid such situations.  The work of the 2019 Medicare Supplement Plan is very simple; it supplements the original Medicare. So if a person spends more than 60 days in the hospital, the Medigap will bear the copayments which the Medicare will not cover.


But there are certain criteria a person must meet before he becomes eligible to buy a Medicare Supplement Plan. The person must be of 65 years and have a valid Original Medicare Plan. The Medigap is not a stand-alone insurance and it can only supplement the original plan. There are some specified pre medical conditions that can delay the process of purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan and in some serious cases, it may debar the person as well.


There are certain expenses like expenses of buying prescribed drugs, hearing and visual aids and the expenses incurred due to use of the private nursing facility. To get financial coverage for these cases, one should have a Medicare Advantage Plan which enhances the Original Medicare plan.  There are certain criteria that are taken into considerations while calculating the premium of each policy. If a person suffering from a specific medical condition may get disqualified from the process of buying the plan or he may need to pay the higher premium rate.

Grounds of disqualification:

Generally, the age factor is the most commonly used parameter while deterring the premium rates. There are some agencies who calculate premiums irrespective of age and gender and there are some who calculates the premium with respect to the age. It varies from company to company. In many cases, it was found that in a certain region of country people of the same age are paying a higher premium for the same basic benefits.