5 Vacation Destinations Near You to Consider During the Pandemic

5 Vacation Destinations Near You to Consider During the Pandemic

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During a pandemic it seems almost impossible traveling for a vacation. Collected.Reviews believes it is very possible though there are many obstacles like so many flights being cancelled and many travel restrictions too.

During a pandemic, going on vacation far from home is not a good idea. You should rather choose vacation destinations that are close to you, all you need to do is follow the safety precautions like social distancing and keep to the hygiene measures.

If you really want to go on a vacation during the pandemic, it could be quite risky but there are safe ways you can go on this trip and also destinations near you that you can choose for the vacation. Most importantly you have to be sure of the level of the pandemic at the destination you have chosen for your vacation. Here are some vacation destinations near you to consider.

1.     Astoria, Oregon:

Why not book a trip to Astoria, Oregon and enjoy the adventures surrounding the beautiful destination. This town is located in the northwestern part of Oregon and it is the oldest American settlement in the West. This destination has so many new discoveries and amazing dishes for visitors.

2.     The Berkshires:

The Berkshires area has been a place where travelers visited since a very long time. Those days, the Berkshire used to be more about art but not anymore, now it is so much more. This is a place near you to consider as your vacation destination because it creates opportunities for social distancing yet you still get to enjoy all the adventure and fun it provides.

3.     Big Sky, Montana:

This is a favorite big sky resort for many people. It is located in the southern part of Montana. This resort features about 5,800 acres of downhill skiing and it is an average snowfall of about 500 inches. Here you will find so many bars, coffee shops and restaurants. It is a very beautiful and safe place to visit during a pandemic and also people who live here are quite conservative.

4.     Black Hills of South Dakota:

This destination has so much adventure and attraction to offer. You can enjoy the natural beauty and feeling at the national parks and landscapes. This is a place for family members or lovers to connect and build more loving adventurous memories that stay forever.

5.     Burlington, Vermont:

This is a beautiful city in Northwestern Vermont. It has so many shops, museums and restaurants. It is a fun and safe city to visit during summer but best visited in the winter as it has a close proximity to Montreal and many other ski areas. It is also a destination you can still visit during the pandemic and it is known for its unique culture and warm reception to visitors.


Before the pandemic people can travel as far as they want to for a vacation but during the pandemic you will rather travel to a destination right at your backyard. There are quite a number of interesting places to see or visit near you and this article has listed out 5 of these interesting vacation destinations you should consider.

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