7 ways to Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity

7 ways to Motivate Employees and Improve Productivity

It is no secret that when employees are at their best, productivity is at its maximum. Deadlines are met accordingly and the overall operational structure is smooth. It is, therefore, the desire of every employer to get employees to do more to yield more Returns on Investment. 

Employees do more when they are treated fairly and this goes beyond an intrinsic passion for the job. Extrinsic motivation plays a dynamic role in the success rate of every establishment. Britainreviews has got you covered if you need to look for business management services reviews

Read down this list of 7 ways to motivate employees and improve productivity.

1. Value the Opinions of Your Employees

Most times, employees have ideas or proposals that might make a huge difference in the organisation. This is because they are closer to the consumer world than you are. So allowing them to offer opinions in the organisation makes them want to do more. Once these opinions are made, they should be valued even if they cannot be accepted. That way they can easily bring forth problems to your notice without fear of being devalued.

2. Create Avenues for Personal Development

It is imperative that from time to time, you organise in-house seminars for your employees. When they realise that you are after their personal development, they have more zeal to work and the skill from such periodic seminars will help them to do better work.

3. Practice Equality

People love to be treated with equal rights. Don’t make a habit of relating better with a particular set of employees than another set. Those employees who feel they have been sidelined automatically lose interest in the success of the organisation and as such may withhold valuable information on projects. Besides, the bad blood creates a chasm between members of the team, affecting teamwork and mass productivity.

4. Offer Bonuses on Jobs Well Done

This shows your employees that you recognise their efforts in doing your job. Bonuses don’t have to be elaborate; a simple lunch may suffice. But if you can afford fat bonuses, give them on worthy projects. The desire to attract more bonuses their way will keep your employees up and doing.

5. Pay Compliments

A simple “what a lovely dress” or “you look very smart today” can keep your employees smiling all through the day. From time to time, complement their hairdo or disposition. But be honest about It; fake compliments can get your employees to conclude you are mocking them, which is not a good thing for an employer-employee relationship.

6. Create the Right Work Atmosphere

Ergonomics application has been proven to motivate staff effort and positively affect output. When the workplace is structured in such a way that employees find it easier to do their jobs, they are motivated to achieve more deadlines with the time saved.

7. Set Proper Goals for Your Employees

Let your goals be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic. It should also have a timeline if you don’t want members of the team sleeping on the project.

A once-great team can be revived with motivation. A new team can be firmly established with motivation. And apart from investing in ergonomics and bonuses, you can motivate without having to spend a dime.

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