How to Get Around Portland Without a Car

How to Get Around Portland Without a Car

14 Things to See and Do in Portland, Oregon in 2022

The spectacular grandeur of Portland cannot be adequately expressed in words. Because the Pacific Northwest is a temperate rainforest, everything is always lush and green there. Even in the city, majestic mountains tower over the treetops, and rivers and streams abound. In fact, due to the several large bridges that connect Portland to the region’s well-known Willamette river, one of the city’s nicknames is “Bridgetown.” Like any other large American city, Portland has a wide variety of neighborhoods. The distinctive features of each Portland neighborhood, however, are what set them apart from one another. You will appreciate that the neighborhoods here don’t all have the same look and feel, like something out of a Stepford story. Instead, because of the era in which they were constructed, every area has a distinctive style of dwelling. Consequently, you can find Portland Houses for Sale that are perfect for you!

Driving Can Be Difficult on Portland Streets. The majority of parking is on residential streets, notably in the most iconic “Portland” neighborhoods to visit. In addition to being relatively narrow, these streets also allow parking on both sides (which makes them even more congested). Portland’s traffic may be horrendous. Traffic on the major roads 1-5 and I-84 may be a nightmare. Learn how to navigate Portland without a car by reading on.


Bus transportation in Portland, Oregon is affordable and convenient. Buses in Portland are widely used, dependable, and practically wherever they go. In Portland, bus stops are commonplace, the drivers are courteous, and the routes are simple to follow. Additionally, the buses include bike racks on the front, allowing you to expand your car-free exploration of the city and see more.


Every little little neighborhood in Portland has a bustling, pedestrian-friendly main street that you can stroll down and just soak in what you see. If you were in a car, you’d cruise right by it all. Some advise using TriMet (Public Bus) in addition to your own two feet, depending on how much time you have, to ensure that you see it all. You may quickly walk from downtown to NW 23rd Street’s specialty shops and the well-known Pearl District. Each neighborhood has its own unique collection of unique shops, quaint lunch restaurants, neighborhood bars serving creative drinks, and unusual dessert establishments.


Cycling is favored by many travelers as the most effective and secure method to experience Portland without a rental car. It has several walkways all over the city, well-maintained bike lanes, and “bike boulevards” where cyclists have the right of way over motorized cars. If you don’t have a set of two wheels of your own and are in town, you can easily hire one from a nearby business.


Due to the city’s small size, taxi fares are lower here than they are in other significant American cities. The base fare is roughly $3, and an additional mile costs about $3. Each additional passenger will cost an additional $1. However, you’ll discover that renting a taxi is typically unnecessary thanks to effective public transportation. In Portland, Uber and Lyft are also available.

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