How to Pack Difficult Items for Moving Day

How to Pack Difficult Items for Moving Day

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Packing irregular-shaped and bulky items during a move is not easy. It necessitates you to have the right tools and learn skills to help you pick the problematic items. In addition, the initiative takes time, and it is best to act fast to avoid having so much to do on your moving day.

Handle the Logistics

Logistics is one of the most challenging things to do when relocating. It is why most people prefer outsourcing the services to a moving company. Professional assistance will guarantee you a successful move with no headaches. If you opt to do it by yourself, it is critical to handle the job logistics as soon as possible. Here are some factors you need to consider;

  • Supplies: you will need various packaging supplies to help you pack difficult items. It will require you to have large boxes made of cardboard, packing paper, and tape in plenty. Still, you can improvise using your things, like old bedsheets, to pack the items properly.
  • Safety: the objective is to move your items without harming anyone or damaging them. Taping the edges will reduce the risks of injuries when handling the items. Foam sheeting and wrap bubble are techniques that moving companies use to ensure safety. Ensure you disassemble parts whenever possible or store other things you will carry into the hollow spaces that large items have.
  • Movement: the things you pack may be at risk of damage if they are not intact. Reinforcements to the boxes and other packaging materials will make the load immobile. It is necessary to protect your assets from the impact as the moving truck carries the load.
  • Labeling: it is essential to caution anyone handling the items to be careful with fragile items. Label the boxes and give instructions on how to handle the package. Use bold letters and large font to make it easy to see.

Tips to making the Task Easier

The feeling of moving differs in people. Some people find it easy to relocate, but others find it challenging. Still, moving can be stressful due to the tasking things you need to do. Below are tips to help you make the exercise easier;

  • Have a list of what you will be carrying: group the items depending on similarities and risks. You can place fragile items in a separate box while packing sensitive items on their own. Also, consider the things you can put together to save on space and money. It is best to leave the bulky items to a moving company with the personnel and tools to carry them safely.
  • Switch off appliances: ensure you turn off all digital and electrical devices you are carrying. It is best to use their original packaging to move them. Use your sheets or newspapers to protect the edges from impact and limit the appliance movement inside the box.


Packing bulky and irregular-shaped items requires you to take the necessary steps to make it a success. A professional mover can assist you with what you need throughout the moving process.

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