Is Wave Internet Good For Gaming?

Is Wave Internet Good For Gaming?

Good internet is already a necessity as everything has changed since the pandemic. But what hasn’t changed is the high-quality internet services that gamers need to enjoy a seamless gaming experience and win multiple battles and championships. However, it becomes quite difficult to find the right service when there are so many options around you and every service is bound to have mixed reviews. While one person talks about their positive experiences, another could be talking about negative ones with any service provider.

Of course, there is no room for trial and error as this is not just a small decision to make. You are paying good money for the services and the additional installation and equipment fees if any, so you naturally want to get it right the first time. So, how do you select the right internet service provider? The answer is research! It is a time-taking process but if done right, you won’t need to worry in the future about a slow internet connection or any such thing. To help you out, we have highlighted some points to look for in any ISP to determine if they have the right services for gaming.

Wave Internet, we believe, is perfect for gaming due to its consistent hard work to keep customers satisfied. Not only does it offer high-speed internet, but it offers multiple other benefits like additional devices such as Amazon Eero, Roku, etc. We will discuss in more detail these devices and how Wave Internet is good for gaming in this blog. Keep reading to find out!

Things to Look For in ISPs for Gamers

It is obvious that you should be looking into the service provider’s reviews and pricing plans before you subscribe to a plan. But, if you are purchasing with the intention of gaming, you have to go into more detail. Purchasing the most expensive plan, right off the bat, just because it seems right, is not right. Sure, you need maximum internet speed for gaming, but other factors can disrupt your gaming experience. Let’s go into more detail about what they could be.

Download Speed

While speed is a priority, how much speed do you need? This depends on the kind of games you want to play. What is the maximum quality that you need for that game? The minimum benchmark is 3-4 Mbps for basic connections, as recommended by Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So, for casual gaming, we recommend a 20 Mbps download speed. But, if you like to play competitive games and battle in tournaments, then a 50 Mbps download speed is the minimum limit.

Now, both of these speeds are only applied to the games, so they won’t work for you if you have another device – a phone, TV, etc. – which everyone does. That means you’ll have to add some more Mbps to the plan to be able to use the internet for other basic necessities. So, the minimum limit you will need for download speed is 100 Mbps. Keep in mind, this is the minimum download speed for a home with one gamer and maybe another person that uses the internet for basic stuff. If there are more members in your family, heavy or moderate users of the internet, you will have to make the calculations accordingly.

Upload Speed

Upload speed, unlike many think, is extremely necessary for gaming. Just like you have to have fast reflexes in multiplayer games and action games, your internet needs to be able to send out that signal fast enough so that your game character reacts accordingly. This happens with the help of upload speed. The minimum required upload speed for action and competitive games is 10 Mbps. However, if you don’t play actions games and just do causal games, then the minimum required upload speed is 5 Mbps.

Also, if you like to live stream your game on Twitch or any other platform, you need an upload speed of 6-8 Mbps at least. Once again, these are all independent requirements from each other and other tasks as well. If you want to purchase an action game and also, for live streaming, you will have to do the calculation accordingly and choose a plan.


Latency refers to the time taken by your computer to send and receive data from one point to another. In this situation, it means the time taken for your computer to send and receive data from the game server. The lower the latency level, the faster your command is sent and received by the game server. So, if you experience a lag in the game like whenever you press a key but it takes time for your game character to react, then it means the latency level is higher.

This becomes important especially in multiplayer action games where latency can cause your game character to die. If you are in a team, then your teammates could even kick you out, if you don’t react quickly. Ping time or ping also refer to the same thing. The latency times for different broadband connections are as follows:

  • Satellite internet – between 594 and 612 ms
  • DSL – between 24 to 42 ms
  • Cable – between 15 to 27 ms
  • Fiber – between 10 to 15 ms

The most disastrous connection for gaming is the satellite connection as it has the highest latency time. Cable and fiber are the best for gaming as they have a lesser latency time than others do. Fiber is not widely available so users can go for cable internet or fiber-coaxial cable, which is a hybrid of cable and fiber internet.


Jitter indicates how much the latency varies over time. The inconsistency in latency can cause irritation and serious issues to the gamer. Latency is already annoying as it is and having a jitter makes it even more frustrating. So, there is no room for either of the two when it comes to a smooth gaming experience.

Packet Loss

Packet loss refers to a packet of data being lost due to any reason. It could be due to bad internet or because of wireless connection or any such reason. It mostly happens due to poor internet connection and this can disrupt your gaming experience. If you are playing a multiplayer game with your friends and you are using the mic feature to talk to each other, there could be a time when your screen freezes and your friend’s voice is distorted. This is due to packet loss. It can affect your matches and tournaments and also, cause you to lose due to a simple glitch. Packet loss over 2% is very problematic.

Is Wave Internet Good for Gaming?

So, after discussing the important things to look out for when looking for good internet, it’s time to answer the question: Is wave internet good enough for gaming? The answer: Yes! Wave internet offers amazing plans to fit into your life with ease. Not only are the plans made to suit your needs, but you also have the option of customizing them a bit by increasing the data limit. For all those plans, Wave internet offers great download and upload speeds.

It also offers an Amazon Eero device that helps your device stay connected to the internet, no matter which corner of the house you are in. This also enables you to tackle the problem of latency time, jitter, and packet loss, as you will not experience a loss in connection, thanks to the TrueMesh technology used by Amazon Eero. Moreover, according to the plan you select, you can easily double your data or get unlimited data by some additional amount.

The Final Note

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, it is time to pick up your sword and go into battle to look for the right plan for you from Wave Internet. But, if you get struck by the blow of no availability of Wave Internet in your area, you can still go on an adventure to BuyTVInternetPhone to find a trustworthy sidekick to help you in your future battles!

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